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Engineering & Computing

Biotechnology Management

Are you a life science professional interested in leading teams or starting a company?  This program provides an applied understanding of management and business processes within the biotechnology field.  The courses are taught by industry professionals with extensive practical experience in the subjects they teach. Learn about the biotechnology industry, legal and ethical issues, project management, commercialization, and organizational leadership.

Biochemical Regulatory Engineering

Taking a new biotechnology product through a lengthy and rigorous FDA approval means you need to know the internal framework of the FDA review and marketing authorization process. In this program professionals from leading bioscience companies and government agency organizations teach you their hands-on experience so you can understand how to get a biotechnology product approved, including working knowledge of CGMP compliance, validation, preparing key documents, developing a quality control package, and more.

Cybersecurity Operations

If you are seeking broad exposure to cybersecurity principles, best practices, and technologies, the Cybersecurity Operations program is designed to help students become competitive candidates for in-demand Cybersecurity jobs in a wide range of sectors. This certificate pathway includes three required courses and one student-selected exploratory class on a cybersecurity topic of interest or professional relevance.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Policy

The Cybersecurity Strategy & Policy program gives you the essential domain knowledge necessary to serve in decision-making roles in the cybersecurity industry. You’ll learn how to analyze cybersecurity risks, develop appropriate protection & response options, and assess operational requirements for government, military, critical infrastructure, and commercial missions. Upon completion you’ll be prepared to fill critical roles in operational cybersecurity missions supporting both industrial and governmental entities.

Data Science

Learn the latest data science tools and machine learning techniques to work with data at scale. You’ll get insight from experts working for the leading data science firms on how to analyze data in different formats and solve real-world problems.

Engineering Management

The perfect solution for experienced professionals with a specific need for engineering management training. If you’re an engineer in a technology company or government office, this program is designed to help you boost your expertise with new business, management, and leadership skills.

Integrated Product Development & Manufacturing

If you are looking to learn how to take a product from design to market, this certificate was designed with you in mind. Designed for practicing engineers and designers, our program will provide you with hands-on experience in key aspects of product realization.

Our product development approach covers the organizational, logistic, and technical requirements of current manufacturing processes and methods. You’ll get hands-on experience with a selection of fabrication tools to allow you to understand the manufacturing process inside and out.

Software Engineering

Improve your understanding of the latest software engineering methodologies, techniques, tools, and processes. Complete a capstone project to solve real-world problems!

Systems Engineering

This certificate designed to provide you with practical experience that can be immediately applied on the job. You’ll learn from industry experts how to develop operable systems that meet customer requirements, while successfully navigating the complexities of system design. Courses are taught by senior systems engineers and address the entire systems engineering life cycle, including requirements analysis, systems architecture and design, modeling, simulation and analysis, and system implementation and test.

Management & Leadership

Community Leadership

Are you interested in the critical topics of policy, race/gender/class, non-profits, urban studies, or entrepreneurship? In this program you can learn from experienced professionals about leadership, and the ethical and quantitative skills needed to excel as a community leader. Take advantage of applied coursework, relationship building, and hands-on practical experience to boost your career or bring new knowledge to your organization.

Engineering Management

The perfect solution for experienced professionals with a specific need for engineering management training. If you’re an engineer in a technology company or government office, this program is designed to help you boost your expertise with new business, management, and leadership skills.


This certificate has an emphasis on building an entrepreneurial mindset in sales and marketing. It is intended for someone starting a new company or social enterprise. You will learn the tools necessary to apply entrepreneurial thinking, the basic fundamentals of sales, customer need identification, reasons that make people buy, six basic steps of selling, real world marketing challenges involved in launching an entrepreneurship venture or sustaining competitive advantage.


If you’re looking to drive change through innovation or incorporate innovative practices in your workplace, this certificate has an emphasis on establishing innovation and design thinking. You will learn from experienced practitioners the models of innovation to prepare individuals in leadership positions for effective decision-making.


This certificate has an emphasis on team-building, management, communication, and building an organizational culture of resilience. It is intended for someone who wants to take a leadership role within his or her organization. You’ll learn effective management and communication skills through case study-analysis, reading, class discussion and role-playing. Practice identifying how participants can ultimately encourage and enhance a team’s synergy, causing it to become more than the sum of its parts.

Project Management

The Project Management certificate program provides experienced professionals with industry-relevant technical and soft skills. Our coursework will help you develop the critical analysis capabilities necessary to successfully complete projects and lead high-performing technical, virtual, and international teams. Upon graduation, you will demonstrate the ability to apply sound project management practices as outlined by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Education & Training

College Teaching and Learning Science

In this post-master’s certificate, students explore key topics like culturally responsive teaching, engaging diverse college learners, reaching students with motivation strategies, assessing college-level learning, and designing courses using innovative practices. Rooted in learning science, the program is appropriate for subject matter experts who are eager to understand and apply the latest learning research to their face-to-face, hybrid, or online classroom. UMBC is well-known for a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and student engagement, and these values are woven throughout the courses in the certificate.


As it becomes more costly to deliver face-to-face instruction, trainers and educators are seeking technologically mediated environments to distribute training and development. With the eLearning certificate, students learn the theoretical principles and practical applications of designing effective online training and instruction for both corporate and educational settings.

Instructional Systems Development

This certificate provides the student with a systematic model for creating instruction. Students examine the various phases in the instructional design model and how it is used in developing and managing training and educational activities. The courses provide both theory and practical experience which are applicable to business and industry training, education and public service.

Instructional Technology

This certificate is designed for multi-media developers, instructional technologists, instructional designers, K-12 teachers, and trainers interested in learning the latest multimedia and web-based development tools used to create computer and web-based instruction.