Middle & High Schoolers Can Level Up

Get expert training from the masters at UMBC. Whether it’s faculty, students, or industry experts, they can help you tap into your creative talents, expand your critical thinking, and hone your academic skills. No cheat codes required.

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Space bar (or up arrow) to jump

Press M to toggle music on/off

“Leveled Up Alma Mater” Music by Kathryn Blake ’21, Linehan Artist Scholar

Summer Enrichment Academy

Unlock the college experience through challenging and mind-expanding academic summer workshops and camp programs that can’t be found anywhere else.

Year-Round Youth Programs

Unafraid of a little extra challenge throughout the year? Looking for new ways to boost and improve your skills? You don’t need to wait until summertime. Choose from various missions in science, engineering, technology, arts, and humanities.

Test Prep Academy

Don’t be a n00b when it comes to taking the HSPT or SAT. Walk into your next test like a boss with our prep courses. Get the cheat codes to success without cheating on the test.