Undergraduates, Level Up!

In order to reach the next level and graduate in four years, you need to collect 30 credits a year. UMBC’s Summer and Winter Sessions can help you gain the XP you need to level up faster and unlock new achievements. Catch up. Get ahead. Grit Going!

Visit the site on a desktop computer to play the game!

Take True Grit to the Next Level! Click Here to Play >

Use the arrow keys to move

Up arrow key

Left arrow key Down arrow key Right arrow key

Space bar (or up arrow) to jump

Press M to toggle music on/off

“Leveled Up Alma Mater” Music by Kathryn Blake ’21, Linehan Artist Scholar

Summer Session

Earn up to 16 credits over summer break: eight credits in Session I and eight credits in Session II.

Winter Session

Earn up to 4.5 credits over winter break.

Test Prep Academy

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